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Marriage Related Problems

Do you wonder if your relationship problem will ever end? Is it possible to find a solution to your never ending marriage problem? Well I have some very good news. Our Psychic Shiva Krishana can solve all your problems immediately providing you all the mantras to chant to address the marriage problem.

All the screaming and deriding each other could come to an end with just one sitting with Our Psychic Shiva Krishana. Most of the couples, who have issues with their marriage, turn to counseling. Even though counseling helps to a certain level, if the problem arises due to position of the planets in different houses, any number of counseling sessions will not be able to solve it.

Marriage is a beautiful union of two individuals who love to spend every moment with each other. What happens when relation turns sour and marriage runs into troubled waters? Any relationship problem will be due to one of the following reasons:

1. Dishonesty
2. Trust issues
3. Financial Problems
4. Indifference
5. Long distance relation

All these reason could lead the couple to break off their sanctimonious relation that they have. Our Psychic Shiva Krishana provides counseling as well as thorough analysis of birth chart that would save your marriage from falling apart. If the positions of various planets are not in sync with your partners, it makes it difficult to reconcile with each other. In case of betrayal, to rework on your marriage is even more difficult. In such cases, our astrologers rituals and experience with sorting marriage problem can work wonders for your relationship. You would be surprised to see love blossoming amongst your relationship.

It is also possible that not with standing the love that you share, some envious individual may have a cast an evil spell on your relation. Our astrologer is an expert at removing black magic and negative energy. Small misunderstandings are a part of married life. However, if you find that your marriage is turning into a battle field, you need to take the first step in resolving the relationship issues before it blows out of proportion. Our Psychic Shiva Krishana will go through each of your birth chart, then match the charts and then suggest the perfect solution to bring about harmony and peace in your relation.